About Blumen Rühl

Blumen-Rühl GmbH was established in 1960 and grew quickly to become a large company with 12
subsidiaries in West Berlin. When the Europe centre was set up, Blumen-Rühl GmbH started a subsidiary
stretched out over two floors. In this location Blumen-Rühl GmbH could please their Berlin customers
with their exclusive range of goods. At the end of the 1960s Blumen-Rühl GmbH won a delivery service
announcement for the Berlin Funkturm (radio tower) fairgrounds. Since then they became more and more
specialized in event decorations.

A well-thought-out strategy for the enrichment of flower decorations using light, fabrics, metal,
wooden and plastic constructions delivered results in providing event decorations e.g. decorating
for the Press Ball, the ADAC Ball, the IFA (international consumer electronic and home appliances) and
the ITB (international travel trade).

Blumen-Rühl GmbH has existed for almost 50 years and big challenges have always been and still are the
decorating of extensive events like church congresses, sports meetings and G8 summits, as well as several
events in politics, economics and culture.

Since the last years of the millennium Blumen-Rühl GmbH has specialized in providing decorations for
large and small events of various types such as fair trades, congresses on the fairgrounds and ICC, events
and conferences in several hotels, sports events, the decoration of ministries as well as events from
roofing ceremonies to grand gala dinners in Berlin and adjacent locations.

Nowadays Blumen-Rühl Event is work throughout the whole of Germany. They work with experienced,
trustworthy, highly skilled long-termpartners in the sector.